LAMDA examinations in Speech and Drama

When I was growing up, working my way through speech examinations, and later acting examinations, had a huge impact on my confidence. Learning how to speak in public can never be underestimated. It improves a child’s social skills as well as their speaking skills, and it’s also a lot of fun! I currently offer one on one classes for children starting at age seven.

Drama School Audition Tuition

It can be a very tough task to get a place at drama school and sometimes it’s hard to know where even to begin. Getting a place is not an exact science and it also takes a degree of luck. However being prepared and knowing exactly how show yourself off in the best light is essential to getting that place. It took me a few years to get accepted and some of that was bad luck but a lot of it was not knowing what pieces would work for me and how to use my assets as an actor. I work with my students on confidence, on how to relax in the room and how to get everything out of your text that amplifies who you are and why you are different. Many actors shy away from Shakespeare and dread performing it at the audition. My aim is to make it feel natural and fun for the actor. My classes are playful and pressure free and all about making you feel great about that audition.

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